About Company

      Austria is located in the center of Europe and its industry is closely connected with the industry of Germany. Austrian companies are world leaders in supplying parts to leading producers of cars in Europe and beyond its borders.  The economy of Austria, having possibilities of engineering and technical education and research resources, depends on export of high-quality products all over the world.
The Austrian company HALLO uses advantages of close collaboration with automobile enterprises and it is traditionally directed to European markets, paying special attention on countries with severe climatic conditions, such as Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
The HALLO Company developed a business model which combines high quality standards (ISO 9001), based on the long-term experience of working in the auto industry and strict requirements of the northern Europe climate which has been changing lately. It is ready and willing to pay special attention to the reliability of produced products in the extreme conditions of their operation. All these factors forced the HALLO Company to pay its attention on the market of Russia. For more than 3 recent years, the Company’s specialists have been analyzing the market of auto components in Russia. Nowadays, after Russia joined the WTO, we are ready to propose its automobilists an access to specially developed and tested auto accessories.

HALLO works at the automobile market of Europe. The aim of this company is production of high-quality auto accessories, which have the same quality as original ones and satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers. HALLO looks toward to become a Number 1 provider for its customers.